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Inishdoney Island is a 40 acre island on Lower Lough Erne in Northern Ireland.  It is located 8 miles north of Enniskillen close to Inishmacsaint and what is known as the 'Broad Lough'.

 It is one of the few islands on Upper and Lower Lough Erne occupied all year round and is classified as an Environmentally Sensitive and Species Rich area by the Department of Agriculture.   It has prime stands of Irish oak, ash, aspen, alder, willow, wild cherry, birch, hawthorn and elderberry together with spindle, guelder rose, holly and crab apple.   It has extensive open areas filled with primroses, wood anenome, and bluebells in spring, followed by knapweed, ragged robin, scabious, meadow sweet, orchids.

Birdlife on the island includes a wide range of finches, blackbirds, thrushes, wrens, sandpipers.  Curlews have returned to nest in the meadow and owls, jays, woodcocks abound as do pheasants.

The island has a small number of Irish hares but no squirrels, foxes or badgers.

Otters have recently been seen frequenting the shoreline while mink appear from time to time.

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